Lukoff Engineering Associates …is a full-service consulting engineering firm, with special expertise in the area of building structural problems, building inspections, review and correction of existing code violations, and correction of structural deficiencies.

The firm’s founder and principal engineer, Richard B. Lukoff, P.E., is a licensed professional engineer in multiple states, and is also a licensed code enforcement official in New Jersey.

The firm maintains an active and varied tipes of practice, and has worked for numerous different clients in the residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial sectors, A detailed reference list can be furnished upon request.

The firm’s founding premise is to deliver quality service to the client, at a reasonable price and within a reasonable time frame; from this premise comes the firm’s motto of “On-time, On-scope, On-budget”.

Our Services

Services Provided by Lukoff Engineering Associates:

  • Engineering and Design Services for all Structures
  • Code Violations – Analysis, Review and Correction
  • Call for a Free Initial Consultation
  • Emergency Service Available – Call 24 hours / 7 days

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